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Facebook and Heaven: an unlikely combo

On Saturday, blog reader Normandie Fischer finally convinced me to join Facebook. My Patient Husband had joined the week before, and finally I succumbed to the pressure. There were six friend requests awaiting me before I even got there. I … Continue reading

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The best day of your life?

Five years ago, I dashed home between errands to find that after ten days of failure, we’d trapped the cat. I had almost exactly ten minutes to spare in my schedule, so I burned rubber to get the cat and … Continue reading

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A little kindness, at least

As a warning, there is dead wildlife at the end of this post. If that’s a trigger for you, please stop reading here. – On Tuesday nights, I come home late with one of the Kiddos while my Patient Husband … Continue reading

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You’re in Paradise. Take the Advil.

Just yesterday, someone was telling me about a trip she’d taken with her elderly mother. It sounded like a fantastic trip, the kind you take once in a lifetime — and given her mother’s age, that’s likely to be the … Continue reading

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Little injuries

While biking a few weeks ago, I ran over a caterpillar. It was one of those “you can’t help it” things. By the time I saw the caterpillar, I was on top of it. I tried swerving, and then I … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Ken Rolph: “I wish I still had a typewriter.”

If you frequent the comment box, you’re familiar with Ken Rolph, our resident Australian (actually, he’s residing in Australia and we all gather wherever via the magic of the internet.)  He posted this to a forum we both belong to, … Continue reading

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I wanna be her when I grow up

Sorry I posted such a sad story yesterday. Let me tell you a less-sad story so maybe you’ll keep coming back. This woman’s name I don’t remember, but my dispatcher said I’d be bringing her to “the meeting of the … Continue reading

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