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One scary thing every day

About six months ago, I said I’d never want to own my own business. Three months ago, while researching what it took to self-publish my books, I realized I’d need to do exactly that. All the experts on self-publishing encourage … Continue reading

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My Writing Process blog tour

Before I finish the yellowjacket saga, I’ve been tagged by Loriendil, blog-reader and fellow writer, for the “My Writing Process” blog tour. I think I’ve also been tagged by Normandie Fischer (whose Sailing out of Darkness just got listed as … Continue reading

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Fall Into Fantasy book giveaway!

My fellow QueryTracker blogger Ash Krafton is hosting a giveaway of 50 different books and two “swag” baskets. (It’s one winner per book, not one person winning fifty books, so how cool is that?) Entering is as easy through a … Continue reading

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Kiddo3 writes for a spell

As I type, I’m being interrupted every minute or so to spell a word. It started this morning when I set the breakfast table. “Who’s reading Howl’s Moving Castle?” Howl’s Moving Castle is an amazing book and I’ve read it … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sacred Games by Gary Corby

Gary Corby’s Sacred Games was SO much fun! For starters: I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. The copy I read was an Advanced Reader Copy, and I believe I’m posting this review just before publication date. My recommendation: … Continue reading

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“Where have you been, young lady?”

Where have I been? I’ll get you up to date. 1) I’m going to call PerNoWriLent an unreserved success. Although there were several times I wanted to take a day off (which would have turned into several days, which would … Continue reading

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Lent is a superb time to get fed up with yourself. I’m a writer who’s got a novel-in-progress since, oh, forever. I blogged about it, and everyone liked the idea. I told my agent about it, and eventually she admitted … Continue reading

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