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My Writing Process blog tour

Before I finish the yellowjacket saga, I’ve been tagged by Loriendil, blog-reader and fellow writer, for the “My Writing Process” blog tour. I think I’ve also been tagged by Normandie Fischer (whose Sailing out of Darkness just got listed as … Continue reading

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Fall Into Fantasy book giveaway!

My fellow QueryTracker blogger Ash Krafton is hosting a giveaway of 50 different books and two “swag” baskets. (It’s one winner per book, not one person winning fifty books, so how cool is that?) Entering is as easy through a … Continue reading

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Kiddo3 writes for a spell

As I type, I’m being interrupted every minute or so to spell a word. It started this morning when I set the breakfast table. “Who’s reading Howl’s Moving Castle?” Howl’s Moving Castle is an amazing book and I’ve read it … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sacred Games by Gary Corby

Gary Corby’s Sacred Games was SO much fun! For starters: I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. The copy I read was an Advanced Reader Copy, and I believe I’m posting this review just before publication date. My recommendation: … Continue reading

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“Where have you been, young lady?”

Where have I been? I’ll get you up to date. 1) I’m going to call PerNoWriLent an unreserved success. Although there were several times I wanted to take a day off (which would have turned into several days, which would … Continue reading

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Lent is a superb time to get fed up with yourself. I’m a writer who’s got a novel-in-progress since, oh, forever. I blogged about it, and everyone liked the idea. I told my agent about it, and eventually she admitted … Continue reading

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If writers wrote every scene like a sex scene

She shut the washing machine door with a gentle click, then extended her slender arm to the shelf where the detergent awaited. For two days now she’d hungered to tackle the clothes heap in the closet, her days filled with … Continue reading

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