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Scenic high-tension power lines November 16, 2011

Posted by philangelus in pensive, politics.
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In one of the neighboring towns I found placards lining the road, begging us to spare their scenic neighborhood from the _______ Power Plant.

Curious, I googled it to discover someone wanted to take some unused farm acreage and fill it with solar panels. You read that correctly: people were objecting not to a coal-burning power plant that would dwarf the skies and belch filth into the air, nor to a nuclear plant that would render us all radioactive one night while the security guard was texting “Its 2 boring here  what r u doing l8r?”

No. Solar panels.

You want to know the irony? Half a mile down the road are power lines, the big kind of power lines that march for miles on end, ninety feet high with the trees clear-cut on either side.


But this leads me to a question, and I was wondering if anyone could answer.

We already have long swaths of clear-cut land beneath our power lines. It would be easy to set up miles upon miles of solar panels beneath those power lines and hook them right into the power grid. Why aren’t we doing that?

Those long swaths of clear-cut land beneath our power lines? Those places where no one will build because they’re ugly and high-tension power lines might cause illness due to their electrical fields? Why don’t we put wind farms under them?

Since most people claim that solar panels and windmills are eyesores that will disrupt the beauty of their neighborhoods, why not stick them in a place that’s already ugly?

Why not go to those coal-burning plants that tower up into the sky and belch out black smoke and line the south sides with solar panels?

It seems to me we have the locations to do these things. Why fight to put renewable power sources in new places when the power companies already use land for the power lines?

Basically, sun and wind don’t occur just in beautiful places.

So don’t stop that solar farm from going live. But hey, why not put another one just up the road, under the scenic and beautiful electric lines?


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