Beanie Baby Madness: ten years later

My mom wanted suggestions for Christmas. Kiddo#3 has been borrowing Kiddo#1’s Beanie Baby cats, so I said he would like his own.

The preschool hands out the beanie babies for the kids to hold during circle time, and Kiddo#3 gets upset if he doesn’t get a cat. The teachers and I agreed that for now it’s better if he has a “guaranteed cat.” (For the record, as long as the cat is in his school bag, he doesn’t cry, even if he’s holding a different animal. Che strano.)

Anyhow, Mom just called from a store trying to figure out what kind of animal she was holding. The retail folks were just as stumped. The chain was, they’d all rummage through this bin of Beanies looking for something pointy-earred and whiskered, then find the name on the tag, which my mom would read to me and I would google before reporting back to my mom over the phone what it was.

We went through a tiger and a racooon and a husky (“They all look the same!” one of the clerks protested) until we found a cat.

My mom kept muttering, “I can’t believe I’m nearly 60 years old, and I can’t figure out what a cat looks like…”

I really didn’t think it would be that much of a hassle to ask for a Beanie Baby cat! A couple of years ago, you couldn’t swing a Beanie Baby without hitting a stack of Beanie Babies for sale anywhere you went, and half of them were cats.

At least we were laughing, but still. If anyone here reads over at Customers_Suck, let me know if my mom’s saga turns up:

    “So there’s this woman who shows up and wants a Beanie Baby. Easy–we’ve got ten thousand. But no, it has to be a cat. And for the first time since 1983, there was only one cat in a bin of ten thousand, and Floyd had to put on his scuba gear and dive down into the pile, looking for anything feline enough that it MIGHT be a cat. Meanwhile the woman gets on her cell phone saying, ‘Teegra? Is that a cat? No? What about Sneaks?’ You should have heard the cheer of triumph when we finally came up with a siamese cat, and then everyone reassured her that YES, YES, it was really a cat…”

I’m very, very sorry, Mom.

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1 Response to Beanie Baby Madness: ten years later

  1. Jason Block says:

    20 years from now…when Kiddo #1 is married and has kids of his own…he will be trancing down the aisle looking for Webkinz…the beanie babies of the 21st century 🙂


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