Signs That You Are A Geek Parent

Signs That You Are A Geek Parent

How many of the following have actually happened in your household?

No, really — be honest. Go through the list and don’t fudge.

1) Your one-year-old makes the Mac startup sound when waking from a nap.
2) You switched to cloth diapers “to see what that washing machine can really do!”
3) Your three-year-old sees a pack of playing cards and exclaims, “What a pretty iPod!”
4) Your seven-year-old is stunned that you can play solitaire with that pack of cards.
5) The baby coos happily for the Nazgul but stares in confusion at Barney or Elmo.
6) Not knowing an answer, your seven-year-old says “No report.”
7) Your three-year-old asks you to “pause the book.”
8 ) When the baby poops, your husband tells you she’s “completed a download.”
9) Your child pushes a knot in the woodgrain and is surprised the kitchen table doesn’t play music.
10) There are so many light-up toys that your house is visible from space.
11) Your nine-year-old is familiar with Minesweeper, Snood and the Macigame, but has never played checkers.
12) Your oldest gets frightened when he makes a mistake because “Mom might put that on her weblog!”
13) You accidentally refer to one of your children by his internet handle when talking to a real-life friend.
14) Half the people your family prays for are online friends. It is perfectly normal to pray for “SingingCrystal99” or “that woman on EtiquetteHell.”
15) Your oldest thinks all research starts at Wikipedia.
16) Your youngest knows in detail how to clean a CD or a DVD but has no idea that dirty plastic cups go in the sink.
17) The youngest child can’t zipper his jacket and tells you, “It crashed!”
18) Your children all speak LOLcat as a second language.
19) So many of your purchases come from online stores that the kids think the mailman is Santa Claus.
20) Your children recognize and can sing several anime theme songs.
21) You child was able to recite the opening monologue to ST:TNG before she was 14 months old.
22) Her godmother’s child, at the same age, was in love with Mr. Spock.
23) Your son can recite pi to the 34th digit but isn’t sure how many kids are in his class.
24) Your children can hold a reasonable discussion about five reasons we need a manned mission to Mars, but don’t remember which city has the Red Sox.
25) You don’t call it graduation: you call it an upgrade!

Okay, now fess up: how geeky are you really? And if you tried just a bit harder, don’t you think you could check off all the items on this list?

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12 Responses to Signs That You Are A Geek Parent

  1. Ivy says:

    ROTFL! I can say I’m almost totally a non-geek. I can only answer “yes” to 14. Oh, wait. I don’t have kids. 😉

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  6. cathrl says:

    4, 5, 7, 15, 19, 20, 21, 23 and 24. Okay, I think we’re only at 12 places on 23…but he is only just 9 and I only told him what that funny button on his calculator was last week.

    And that’s despite the fact that we don’t have a Mac or ipod, so a large number of the questions are N/A.

    Yup, I know I’m 6 months late but I just spotted this one in the sidebar…

  7. Nina says:

    Other signs include:

    Your 6 month old saying her first word: “Xbox!”

    Your not quite 3 year old pointing to his t-shirt that has line-art of musical instruments and saying “This my RockBand shirt!” despite the fact that you don’t even OWN RockBand and only play it when you go to BestBuy…

  8. Barbara says:

    How about this one: your teenage daughter fantasizes about marrying Mr. Darcy and owns (or borrows from the library) every book Jane Austen ever had published, as well as every single movie version of Pride and Prejudice ever filmed and as many movie versions of the others as she can find, but doesn’t know who Michael Jackson is.

    • philangelus says:

      ROTFLOL! How about this? My five year old was listening to the radio and “Beat It” came on, and he said, “Mom, that’s EAT IT!” Yeah, Weird Al is a household singer, but Michael Jackson — who’s he?

  9. Nakari says:

    “20) Your children recognize and can sing several anime theme songs.”
    Which ones?

    Ha ha ha, I know some people who can relate to that one in particular. XD

  10. Jb says:

    I’m not kidding when I tell you that one of my nieces (who is 13 years old) on two separate visits to me, has been completely baffled by the manual device to roll down car windows!

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