update on the romantic comedy series

Bucky: Maybe it’s time everyone met me.
Lee: Why?
Bucky: I’ve heard my charm and charisma is winning fans at an as-yet-unnamed book publisher.
Lee: You’re mistaken. It’s got to be my charm and charisma.
Bucky: Yours?
Lee: Well, yeah. I mean, I’m a hot single gal living the wild life in New York City while working at her dream job —
Bucky: Which is?
Lee: Which shall remain nameless. And you’re just —
Bucky: Do go on.
Lee: Well, just my guardian angel.
Bucky: So, I’m “just” a higher-order being who beholds the Face of God Almighty and has a profound glory and majesty beyond your understanding?
Lee: {smothered laughter}
Bucky: I’m so abused.
Lee: I was coughing.
Bucky: I’m sure. Why don’t you tell them what you do for a living?
Lee: I’m — Uh — I write snarky weblog entries.
Bucky: How do people earn income from snarky weblog entries?
Lee: Well —
Bucky: Try again?
Lee: I’m a tax attorney?
Bucky: You haven’t balanced your checkbook in eight years, four months and six days.
Lee: I’m a manicurist.
Bucky: You don’t know which end of a nail polish bottle is the business end.
Lee: Sure, hold that over my head.
Bucky: Fourth time’s the charm?
Lee: I’m an author.
No, as the author of this post, I assure you, she’s not.
Lee: That’s not fair.
Tough. I’m the author. You’re the character. Keep that in mind.
Bucky: Don’t worry. God says the same thing to me all the time.
Lee: I’m surrounded by wiseacres.
Bucky: And coincidentally, I say that all the time. Look, shall I just cut to the chase?
Lee: No, no, I’ll do it. You’ll just tell everyone I’m a flake who can’t even stay with the same long distance company for three months at time.
Bucky: I’d tell everyone you’re my human charge, and you’ve been able to see your guardian angel —
Lee: My intelligent and good-humored guardian angel.
Bucky: — since you were three, and thank you. You tend to serially date guys. Oh, and you’re also a pathological liar, but only about one thing. Your job.
Lee: That’s not so bad.
Bucky: You’re an auto mechanic.
Bucky: There’s nothing shameful in doing honest work that you love. And which irritates your mother to no end.
Lee: Well, yeah, that’s an unexpected bonus.
Bucky: And if people want to read more about the two of us, then maybe they need to pray a bit and ask God to ramrod our story through committee.
Lee: Because otherwise, they won’t ever know you have this strange fascination with the Rumours album.
Bucky: They kind of know it now.
Lee: Oops.
Bucky: That’s okay. Let me play with your iPod and I’ll forgive you.
Lee: {sighing} I’m already getting it out.

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Mom, freelance writer, novelist, angelphile, Catholic, know-it-all.
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14 Responses to update on the romantic comedy series

  1. karen ^.,.^ says:

    first thing i thought when i saw the feather and the wrench was joe and ken (not romantically) – shuriken for joe and wrench for ken’s airfield – it was an odd deju ve. i got all excited that you might be doing more scavengers work!

    but i am really hoping your romantic comedy will get through the committee! bucky and lee sound wonderful and i’d love to read more about them. i hope you get some good news soon.

  2. Jenni says:

    That’s awesome. And yes, I will be praying.

  3. Ali says:

    I really want to read this now… Fingers crossed for the book!

  4. ivyreisner says:

    I feel so privileged at having been able read it regardless of what the committee decides. Your book is in my prayers and if the book publisher actually wants a profitable title, they’d be foolish to ignore your novel.

  5. philangelus says:

    Thanks for the prayers and encouragement, guys.

    This saga has gone through so many twists and pitfalls at this point that only one thing is guaranteed: when editors get together at conferences and trade tales of “The weirdest attempt to acquire a book,” this particular editor is going to win, hands-down. And hey, that’s a kind of literary fame in and of itself.

    Karen, Kiddo#4 has effectively stalled any attempt at writing fanfic right now. Sad, but true.

    Ivy, you’d better watch out with the unbridled praise or I might drop the manuscript for the sequel into your inbox. 😉

  6. ivyreisner says:

    Would you? Please?

  7. philangelus says:

    Be careful what you ask for. 😉 You may get it after I enter in the hand-written corrections off the hard copy.

  8. ivyreisner says:

    Okay. Whenever you’re ready. I’ve authorized your Verizon account to e-mail directly to my Kindle, so just send it as an attachment to IR@Kindle.com if you would please. Or if that’s a bother, send it to any of my e-mail addresses and I’ll forward it to the Kindle. Thanks.

  9. joe says:

    This is funny. I hope you get this published

  10. gshstudy says:

    Absolutely Awesome!!! I am looking forward to reading the whole book. And I agree with Ivy, they would be insane not to publish it. I’ll be praying for you. And who knows, maybe the making of this book will become a book itself as well 🙂

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