You found me!

I love the search terms used to get to this weblog. Today’s gem: “misfit with seven angels.”

And google knew to send the person here.


About philangelus

Mom, freelance writer, novelist, angelphile, Catholic, know-it-all.
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5 Responses to You found me!

  1. blueraindrop says:

    google seems to think i know how to rip up carpet. i said i wanted to…. i never said i knew how!

    though i admire the advanced thought of someone googling how to rip up carpet… i would have just pried up a corner and started doing it.

  2. philangelus says:

    There’s a technique for ripping up carpet? 🙂

    Yesterday someone found me with “how to determine what’s top priority,” and I feel very sorry for them because I figure they landed on my “top priority generation table.”

  3. Ivy says:

    I felt bad when dozens of people found my blog by searching “how to force feed a cat” and I only had a joke up.

  4. philangelus says:

    But then you put up a real tutorial on it, so that’s a good thing. Now they know.

    Sometimes I wish I could ping the people who searched certain things and say, “Hey, come back! I’ll answer it for real now!”

  5. blueraindrop says:

    maybe there really isn’t…. and thats why they are getting desperate enough to end up on my page.

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