Help me, Retailers! You’re our only hope!

On December 27th, two entire days after Christmas, I went grocery shopping.

Can you believe there were no Valentine’s Day cards out yet? Our retail outlets are failing us.

What will become of those who did all their Christmas shopping on November 4th (just in time to enjoy the all-Christmas all-the-time radio programming)? The ones who didn’t have to take advantage of the “last minute shopping sales” on December 1st? These sweet folks truly want to stimulate the economy, but there’s nothing for them to buy!

Please, please, O Retailers — please put out your Valentine’s displays. We Americans truly need eight weeks of red hearts, red heart-shaped boxes, mile-long racks of cards with red envelopes, and boxes of cartoon characters telling us how much they love us.


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10 Responses to Help me, Retailers! You’re our only hope!

  1. blueraindrop says:

    lol some of the ones here are on it… they can check walgreens. lol

  2. illya says:

    Take heart. I already got cards in the mail (12/29) that I may wish toi send to those I love at Valentine’s. All’s right with the world!

  3. philangelus says:

    Oh, thank goodness. We’re saved.

  4. Capt Cardor says:

    Well, I was in the Maryland food chain “Giant” yesterday, and they had both Valentine’s Day cards and candy on display.

    For real!

  5. philangelus says:

    I’m so relieved to hear this. Maybe Angelborough will catch up soon, and there will be places we can spend our money again. The half-price Christmas candy simply wasn’t cutting it. (Although I picked up a Three Tenors Christmas CD for two bucks. That was my contribution to saving the world.)

  6. Ivy says:

    I don’t know if I should find this worrisome, but I went off my yarn diet for one day and the DOW jumped 140 points.

  7. philangelus says:

    I won’t worry about that if you don’t worry about the fact that the Angelborough Public Library reported an increase in usage of 30% following our move to Angelborough. (No joke.)

  8. blueraindrop says:

    the kroger chain here is on it now. the christmas stuff hasn’t even dropped to 75% off yet though… lol

  9. Cricket says:

    Husband just spent the remains of his birthday money (November), and Christmas gifts from both his mother and my parents. I prefer to spread it over the entire year, lots of smallish things I can’t quite justify otherwise.

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