Again about books

Since the last post about books recalling a time in your life garnered about four million comments, and because I have no other subject matter in mind for a blog entry, let’s mix up music and books.

I heard “Rhythm of My Heart” by Rod Stewart and realized within seconds that I was thinking of Horatio Hornblower. The connection is simple to me: the song mentions sailing, and at the time it came out, I was plowing through the Horatio Hornblower books. (Right through the Captain Hornblower trilogy in the center, if I remember correctly.)

I do that a lot with songs I associate with books I was writing at the time. My very first non-fanfic novel has lots of associations for me: the yellow-covered notebooks I wrote it in; the way I wrote part of it on vacation in the car driving between Lake George and Fort Ticonderoga (I guess I was 14); and for some reason, Ambrosia’s song “How Much I Feel” which was on insanely high rotation on the Lake George radio station. I have no idea why — it was an old song even then. But there you go.

The Whitney Houston song “All At Once” immediately brings to mind Anne McCaffrey’s Moreta: Dragon Lady Of Pern.

Some songs simply seem to go with some books, in my mind. I hear the song, and the book comes back to me. Do others do the same?

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2 Responses to Again about books

  1. Diana says:

    I don’t think I have any music-book associations… but food-book associations… now, I’ve got a few of those…

  2. Tadj says:

    I am not sure about music-book associations, but music can take me back to a place almost as fast as a smell can. Not only that, but I can drive past a landmark (say, a specific railroad crossing) and remember what I was thinking/feeling and what I was listening to when I crossed that same spot months before.

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