Kiddo#2 makes a donation

I’m not sure who gave Kiddo#2 the idea, but she’s been saying for the last six months that she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love.

Locks of Love is an organization which makes wigs for children suffering from medical hair loss. (Not cancer/chemotherapy because that hair will grow back. They mean things like alopecia and meningitis.)  I know some people hate them with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns, but after investigating I am comfortable with the organization, and I’ve donatedin the past.

Kiddo#2 waited a long time until her hair was the right length to donate, since they require ten inches. I wanted her to wait until she had at least twelve. And so, on Saturday when her brother asked for a haircut, she said, “Me too!” I measured, and she had made the right length.

Note that she doesn’t usually smile like a coyote. She’s just forgotten how to smile for the camera.

We went to Slow Haircutters Of Angelborough where you can call ahead and they give you a time at which you can begin waiting 45 minutes. (It’s a lovely service, otherwise you’d walk in and they’d have you wait 75 minutes.) She actually jumped her brother in line in order to get her hair chopped first. They measured, ponytailed, made sure she really meant it, commented on how perfect her ponytail was for this (she’s inherited her father’s thick hair!) and then they began the snipping.

There’s not much to say beyond that, except how cute she looks now and how pleased she was to see the ponytail and know she was helping another child. We’ve been making jokes about “Who is this short-haired girl, and where is Kiddo#2?” She even wondered if someone might fail to recognize her without the hair. But by the next day, the newness was wearing off. I’m still a little surprised when I see her with a bob, but overall, she did a good thing.


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8 Responses to Kiddo#2 makes a donation

  1. karen ^.,.^ says:

    oh jane – she is so beautiful – both with and without the long hair! what a smile! you’re going to have such a time keeping the guys away as she gets older! 🙂 and what a wonderful thing she did, donating her hair. what a sweetie.

    the place you get your hair cut, must be a franchise. we have one here very similar – call ahead, wait extended period of time. don’t call ahead, wait super extended period of time. ours has the added bonus of not enough seating so my kids and i have had to sit on the floor while waiting unbearably long period of time (after calling in to say i was coming in with three kids…) perhaps it’s a sign that haircuts are evil. or i’m too cheap to pay 50.00 for haircuts!

    • philangelus says:

      Does it rhyme with Lost-Putters? Either that or maybe you live next door to me and I never realized it. The other places in Angelborough are Angelborough Barber Shop (everyone gets exactly the same haircut for $10) and Studio Angelique Le Expensive, where you can inhale the fresh scent of eucalyptus as your hair is butchered.

      My own hair hasn’t grown at all since Kiddo4 was born 20 months ago, so I haven’t faced that decision yet.

      But yeah, she’s got a very cute smile when she looks so demure. Not the one where she’s faking the smile for the camera, though. LOL!

      • Ken Rolph says:

        Hey, I use a barber shop AND get the fresh smell of eucalyptus! That’s probably because there are so many eucalyptus trees around and the summer heat make the oil evaporate into the air.

        My barber is older than me and ex-Navy. I always get exactly the same haircut which costs AUD$15 (about the same). My errant silver hairs are made shipshape in short order. Not much of a wait. But I do get to sit around with a bunch of old blokes and leaf through magazines with pictures of young women who seem to spend more on their hair than on their clothes. Thank goodness I only have to go every so often when driven to it by desperation.

        Not my desperation, but Jan’s. She goes to a hairDRESSER every couple of weeks. It takes her more than an hour, cost a squillion and she comes out looking different every time. Sometimes when I go to pick her up I don’t recognise her.

  2. LBDiamond says:

    Kiddo#2–Bravo for doing such a brave and wonderful thing!! Someone will surely appreciate what you’ve done for them. Sending a high five and a “congrats” your way!

    BTW, Philangelus, why do people have a burning hatred for Locks of Love? I will have to look in to that.

  3. Very cool, and very thoughtful of her. She’s making another child very happy. Karma to her!

  4. gnatmo says:

    What a beauty! What an awesome gift- her hair is GORGEOUS! My 8 year old still has that nasty wispy super baby fine hair. She is just as gorgeous after the cut- and look how happy she is 🙂

  5. Pam says:

    Wow! Good for her! You must be really proud of her!

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