the fabulous fib

Elana Roth had a contest over Twitter to see who could tell the best “big fat fib.” You could tweet up to five fibs with the #fatfib hashtag and she and Darren Farrell, author of the book Doug-Dennis And The Flyaway Fib, would judge which were the best.

I ended up winning a sheet of stickers  with the fib “Monday will be held on Tuesday this Wednesday,” and because I have the attention span of a gnat, when they arrived, I’d forgotten all about them. In my hand I had an envelope from a literary agency and I thought, “How could they have rejected me? I didn’t even query them.”

(Note: She represents YA and MG work; I write adult. Hence: it saves time if I reject myself without involving her in the process.)

At any rate, when I wrote her to say thank you for the stickers, she suggested we take pictures of them in silly places, like a Flat Stanley project. Hey, I can do that! I’ve had to take pictures of the “school pet” for projects for three kids now. (Many of them are sick and twisted. I should post those someday…) Anyhow, here you go:

Kind of like “action figure theater.” Lots of fun.

Yes, that’s the larval form of  the sock I posted about earlier this week. Later, I jumped at the chance to make silly puns:

Of course, then my sick and twisted side came out:

And here, because you  need a daily dose of cute:

The remaining stickers will go to a friend’s Daisy Scout troop, where I hope they’ll end up in even sillier places.


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5 Responses to the fabulous fib

  1. cricketB says:

    Steve Schmit (or was it John Campbell — one of the Analog editors) once heard an author say his work wasn’t good enough for Analog. He told the author: “How dare you decided what is and isn’t acceptable for my magazine. Send it to me.”

    • philangelus says:

      Yeah, but if the guy was writing Regency romances, it wasn’t going to be a good fit for Analog no matter how well it was written. 🙂

      When the novella got accepted last January, I’d pretty much decided it was no good, and they accepted it anyhow. Usually I’m a big proponent of “Let them reject you, not you” but if it’s a clear mismatch, submitting is rude and a time-waster.

      • cricketB says:

        Agreed, but it’s still a great quote. In the fuller story, the author was in the right genre and style, just not confident of the quality. Also, that was a gazillion years ago, when JWC was actively looking for new talent to nurture.

  2. Kaci says:

    You probably have enough to write something with angels and children in it, Jane, if you had a mind to. 0=)

    Those are great. Is it twisted I think the ‘twisted’ one is normal? 0=)

  3. Snicker! Again, not the bar- so don’t go M&M on me. Your blog cracks me up! I’m going to have to get your book. If it’s half as good as your blog then I’m in for a treat. I cannot write but I love reading 🙂

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