Quite possibly, an answer

Your general verdict seems to be that I am not, in fact, sarcastic, despite having run a weblog for two and a half years claiming to serve up sarcasm on a daily basis, but no one offered a solution as to what I really am.

While a very good friend of mine says “You come at things all sideways sometimes,” That also lacks the particular charge which would make it a good subtitle (no matter how accurate.)

Some of the stories and posts that have gotten great results here have been humorous, but what brand of humor is it?  Take the Tale of Two Carrot Peelers, for example. Or the Lenten Penitential Donut. Or, of my published pieces, the ones that got aired steadily at The Wittenburg Door or the humorous shorts which have appeared at NCV or the DEP magazines.What have they in common?

Irony — yes, there’s plenty, but the steady theme seems to be satire.

But satire isn’t served up daily here. It’s just a common thread, highlighting things which shouldn’t be taken seriously and taking them far too seriously, or else taking a serious topic and making light of it.

Of course, living in 21st century America requires little satirization to make it ridiculous. But there you have it. You guys are showing up looking for a little satire, a little unabashed glance at how bizarre life can be as a parent of four in suburban America, and the occasional angel story. The question is, how to enhance that experience for you guys.

Not sure how that becomes a subtitle for the blog, either, but greater minds than mine can come up with something. You’ve put up with my nonsarcasm for this long, and for this I thank you.

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Mom, freelance writer, novelist, angelphile, Catholic, know-it-all.
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6 Responses to Quite possibly, an answer

  1. Adry says:

    How about…”Irony served up when the mood strikes.”

  2. capt_cardor says:

    How about, “Make of it what you will”? Very democratic that way, eh? Your non-sarcastic audience will feel included, but your sarcastic audience will think you are being smarmy.

  3. littlehouseofpenguins says:

    I like Adry’s suggestion. But I haven’t been reading your blog long enough to really know your style well enough to offer any nice pithy quotes. I did want to say that I really enjoy your style, though! I like your stories, and how sometimes you can take something that seems completely mundane and see God’s work in it. You must be an awesome teacher for your children because of your ability to learn little God lessons from the world around us without them *seeming* like lessons. I hope that I can figure out how to do that as I get further into this homeschool experiment.

    • philangelus says:

      Aw,thank you, and welcome to 7A4K1F. I have a lot of respect for moms who homeschool because I know I’d never be capable of doing a good job at it.

      I think before my kids learned from me,they’d have to listen to me, and that’s a rare thing.

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