the domino effect

  • On Thursday, Kiddo#1 got sick.
  • On Friday, he got better.
  • On Saturday, Kiddo#4 got sick.
  • On Saturday night, Kiddo#2 spent the night camping: up late, freezing cold, up early. So naturally…
  • On Sunday, Kiddo#2 was fine.
  • On Sunday, Kiddo#3 got sick.
  • Today is Monday. Maybe everyone will get well and stay well.

(Many apologies to Cindy Ward, the author of Cookie’s Week. If I were sarcastic, I’d categorize this under “why have three kids” and call it “learning to share.”)


About philangelus

Mom, freelance writer, novelist, angelphile, Catholic, know-it-all.
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One Response to the domino effect

  1. Ken Rolph says:

    “If I were sarcastic”

    Then it’s a good thing that we have established that you aren’t!

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