Faith + Cynicism + Photoshop

While searching my hard drive, I came across this ad I wrote for The Wittenburg Door before they ceased publication. I believe they actually published it, so that makes this a reprint here on my weblog. If they didn’t publish it before closing their doors (and I definitely had two pieces stuck in limbo that way) then, well, they’re getting credit for printing it anyhow. So there. Maybe if they get mad enough, they’ll come out of publishing limbo to print another issue so they can tell the world I’m teh ebil writur gurl. (I’d love that. Clicking on the image will give you the full-size image, which is huge.)

Man, I miss The Wittenburg Door. It was the Mad Magazine of the religious world.

Just this morning, discussing yesterday’s elections, I had to stop conversation and tell my oldest son, “You were wondering what cynicism was. This is it. When you read about it in Mad Magazine, that’s what it is.”

Kiddo#1 has discovered my book-bound copies of Mad Magazine, at about the same age I was when I became a regular reader. My Patient Husband then pointed out that Mad Magazine is the primer for cynicism. I started to object, but he continued: “What Dick And Jane was to early readers, Mad Magazine is to cynicism. You can’t argue with that.”

I couldn’t.

And the above shows what happens when you combine cynicism, a twisted sense of reverence, and a magazine that will pay $50 to a cynic who owns a cheap copy of Photoshop.

I may run another one of these, the one lost in Wittenburg Limbo. Or I may give you the heavy-duty post I’ve been thinking about for the past few days. Show up tomorrow and find out which.


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One Response to Faith + Cynicism + Photoshop

  1. capt_cardor says:

    What a coincidence! One of my two ten year old daughters found one of my bound copies of Mad Magazine yesterday and immediately fell in love with it. She is Chinese and has been with us only two and a half years, with limited English skills, but she found it oddly comforting. I think that tells you something about modern America and our family life. LOL!

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