New short story online

A lot of women say they want a rock for Christmas. What if you got an actual rock instead? What if it was the best gift you could have gotten?

Check it out. 🙂


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Mom, freelance writer, novelist, angelphile, Catholic, know-it-all.
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5 Responses to New short story online

  1. Cricket says:

    You need to make an anthology with these characters. They make me smile and look at ordinary things in a new way. Make that many new ways.

  2. Amy Deardon says:

    Great story! Happy Christmas 🙂

    PS I’ve always wondered, do you think angels can sing? The Bible describes angels as SAYING “Glory to God in the Highest” (Luke 2:13-14). And yet, I’ve always thought of Heaven as being full of music.

    Be that as it may, I loved the story! It made me smile.

    • philangelus says:

      Yes, I do think they sing. The book of Job says the morning stars sang for joy after God created them. I see no reason they couldn’t still do it. The psalms also command creation to sing to God, and angels were created, so I think they’d be included.

      It wouldn’t sound like our song because they wouldn’t necessarily make sounds. But it would feel like our song.

  3. David says:

    Loved it, thanks!

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