Tabris excerpt! And the novel’s new title!

This month on the MuseItUp blog is “excerpt month,” and closing it out is my upcoming re-release of The Guardian, which now has a new title (and all new text, and will be published under my legal name…someone please tell me if it’s still the same book?)

For ‘Christmas In July’ we published an excerpt from The Boys Upstairs where Jay tells the three homeless kids how he became disabled in Iraq. This time, we have Tabris and Rachmiel on a rooftop, with Rachmiel desperately fishing for any information on why Tabris did what he did: because Tabris was a guardian angel, and Tabris murdered his charge.

The excerpt is here. The novel’s publication date is this September.

Oh, and our new title? The Wrong Enemy. I hope you’re as pleased as I am!

But you still have to wait to see the cover. 😉


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4 Responses to Tabris excerpt! And the novel’s new title!

  1. Normandie says:

    Love the title! Yippee!!!

  2. diinzumo says:

    Nice – looking forward to it!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I loved the excerpt! I think you stayed very true to the original version of the story. I remember that scene very well from The Guardian- I could pick out the changes just off the top of my head. I am so looking forward to the rest of the novel in September. 🙂

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