ebooks at 40% off for CyberMonday

The publisher decided to knock 40% off both my titles for Cybermonday! 

The Boys Upstairs is about a jaded cop and a disabled priest who are brothers but have been estranged because of their differing beliefs in God. They have to come together at Christmas time because they’re trying to save three homeless children. It was given the “Seal of Approval” by the Catholic Writers Guild. If you put CYBERMONDAY in the discount box at checkout, it’ll be $2.70.

The Boys Upstairs

The Wrong Enemy is about Tabris, a guardian angel who killed the child he was supposed to be protecting — and then for some reason none of the angels can comprehend, God gives him a second chance, another child to guard. He’s co-guarding her with an angel who really doesn’t want him around, and all the other angels constantly regard him with suspicion and disgust, but there is one who wants him: a demon who won’t stop at anything to bring Tabris with him into Hell. If you put CYBERMONDAY in the discount box at checkout, it’ll be $3.60

The Wrong Enemy

And since I’m not totally self-centered, Karina Fabian’s fabulous “Live And Let Fly” is also available from MIU for 40% off (same discount code) — about a dragon and a nun who fight crime and make bad puns. I really loved this book. 

AAAAAND…  If you’re more into space opera, MIU sells my friend Pauline Griffin’s “Star Commandos” series, about two soldiers and an exiled war prince special-operations team. The series is up to book 4, and I really love it.

They sell all ebook formats, including Kindle (.PRC) and for the rest of November, I think 10% of their sales will be donated to Hurricane Sandy relief. You can buy gift certificates for Christmas if you don’t want to buy yourself a book.


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