YES! “An Arrow In Flight” is up for preorder!

This is so cool — the new Seven Archangels book is up at Amazon!

Seven Archangels - Arrow 333x500

An Arrow In Flight will go live on November 19th, but it’s available for Kindle preorder right now, so if you order it, it will just appear on your Kindle on pub day. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you’ll be able to get it for free.

Arrow follows the seven Archangels of the Presence through salvation history from the time of Abraham to the fall of Jerusalem. Each angel gets his or her own short story, and then there’s one big story where Gabriel gets in major, major trouble and they all begin acting together. There’s fun and joking and heartbreak and growth and miracles and everything. Plus, I love Gabriel and I love Michael. And Remiel. And Raphael. Well, all of them. You get the point.

To celebrate publication day, I’m also going to make Annihilation free for three days, so make sure to pick up a copy then if you haven’t already.

The print edition will follow shortly (I hope by the 19th also, but you can’t always control that as well as you can ebooks) but for now, if you want Kindle, you can go ahead and preorder.




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3 Responses to YES! “An Arrow In Flight” is up for preorder!

  1. svseaventure says:

    Exciting, Jane!!! I want the paperback, of course

  2. Sapphire28 says:

    I can’t wait to order all of them!! Is Seven Arch Angels Annihilation going to be free in Kindle form, print form or both??

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