Who is Philangelus?

Hi! I’m Jane, and I’m a smart-alec.

Why’d I start writing a weblog? Because I told my Patient Husband I was unique in the world by not having one. He replied, “But I don’t have one either,” so in order to keep him unique, I had only one choice. Of course, then I had so much fun that he had to start a weblog of his own.

The Patient Husband and I have four kids and three cats. Our second daughter, Emily Rose, died at two hours old from a condition known as anencephaly.

Our household also has seven guardian angels, whom I consider a part of our family. I have a two-decade-long fascination with angels even though I’ve never knowingly seen an angel. I’m a freelance writer with my second novel published in January, 2008: Seven Archangels: Annihilation


My novella The Boys Upstairs was published by MuseItUp in December, 2010.

I also have an irreverent sense of humor, so let me know if I’ve gone too far.

If you want to contact me, either leave a comment somewhere on the weblog (first comments are always moderated, but I’ll be able to see your email address) or else you may email me at tabris02 @ verizon.net.