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Reminder! The blog has moved.

Just a reminder that the blog has moved to If you want to keep seeing posts from me, you can either click the subscribe button on any of the posts there or you can use the RSS feed. If … Continue reading

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We’re moving!!! Come with me!

I’m moving my blog over to my actual website, that way I can do whatever I want with my own pages. Come visit me here: I’ve already got one post up there (and I’ve moved all the rest of … Continue reading

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New story — and it’s free!

Yay! It’s a new short ebook about Father Jay, from about a year before The Boys Upstairs. It’s free, and it’s free forever.   You can find the ebook at Smashwords  and Omnilit  or direct from the publisher. (I’d say do … Continue reading


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Funerals and laughter

I attended Uncle Mayhem‘s funeral about three weeks ago. At my aunt’s house before we went to the church, I’d been there about ten minutes before I noticed Kiddo1 looking shocked. I pulled him aside and said, “This is how Italian … Continue reading

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The Boys Upstairs only $.99

Oops — in the flurry around the rosary, I totally forgot to post this here. My publisher marked down the Boys Upstairs ebook to only $.99 through December 2nd! Even if you already own it, you can still gift an ebook … Continue reading

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That rosary?

It’s home. It’s been identified, and it’s with its proper owner. As it turns out, that rosary took a path it never should have taken to that donation table, but now it’s home and it’s being properly appreciated by the … Continue reading

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An update on that fabulous rosary

If it was a surprise to me that my $7-free-with-donation rosary was worth hundreds of dollars, then it was even a bigger surprise when the parish priest wrote back to me. “He’ll tell you to keep it,” my Patient Husband … Continue reading

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Hey, look what I found!

I sold books at my parish craft fair this weekend, which is kind of exciting but not the most exciting thing. You see, when you sell at a craft fair, you’re there before they open, and you can browse. This … Continue reading

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Mama said, Mama sang

If you’ve been hearing “All About That Bass” lately, (and honestly, who hasn’t? I even heard it on W-Old-Phartz) then you know that Mama told Meaghan Trainor not to worry about her size. Then I heard the song, “You Can’t … Continue reading

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Bubbles, Bubbles

About two months ago, my children convinced me to get a Betta fish. I researched bettas, conducted a field trip to the fish store, came home to survey the house, and then began several trips back and forth to properly … Continue reading

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