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Michaelmas — and books!

You guys. You guys! Look at this! Print books! We are in print. We are back in print. We are good to go. (Oh, and that guy in the middle? Probaby would encourage you to buy the books. I’d do … Continue reading

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Some background: When I got my first car, the much-beloved and still-missed Studentmobile, I put a statue of St. Michael on the dashboard. When I got the big blue minivan of doom twelve years ago, I wanted a St. Raphael statue, … Continue reading

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In which my cynicism astounds even me

Yesterday I followed a Twitter link to a survey about the rosary. It began normally enough (age, gender) and then started asking whether I’d ever used a rosary aide. The only “rosary aides” I own are rosaries (about eleven or … Continue reading

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Happy book birthday to The Wrong Enemy!

  Happy publication day! The Wrong Enemy is now “live” and for sale (still at 20% off) over at MuseItUp Publishing. In the next few days it should appear at, and eventually at B&N, Kobo and your other friendly … Continue reading

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Feast of the guardian angels! And a story.

While I’m waiting on the timer for a cake for the family guardian angels (lemon cake! Kiddo4 is convinced it’s a birthday cake) here’s a story about angels and time. Or rather, two stories. While in high school, my mom … Continue reading

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angels and prayer

In honor of tomorrow’s feast of guardian angels, today I’m going to give you another one of my “this was an angel…maybe” stories. A month ago, I started thinking about how one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is … Continue reading

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A little devotion to the angels

Okay, so a page from the Philangelus Family History File. I’ve mentioned before that I like to make a fuss over the angels when they have a feast day, so I make a feast (usually a lasagna) and a cake, … Continue reading

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Happy feast day!

Today is the feast day of Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael, the archangels. If I think of a story worth posting on the blog, I’ll come back and do it later. (For now, here’s a story about my … Continue reading

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So it begins…

            Raguel waited at the back of the Judgment Hall to hear the verdict passed on the boy’s soul: Heaven. He nodded as he registered the word, but without rejoicing as he should have. Based on … Continue reading

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It’s 4:12. Do you know where your book is?

I haven’t been writing about the household angels lately, so I’ll give you one and you can decide. Kiddo2 had her violin lesson in the next town over at 4:30. I like to leave 20 minutes for the drive, but … Continue reading

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