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Funerals and laughter

I attended Uncle Mayhem‘s funeral about three weeks ago. At my aunt’s house before we went to the church, I’d been there about ten minutes before I noticed Kiddo1 looking shocked. I pulled him aside and said, “This is how Italian … Continue reading

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An update on that fabulous rosary

If it was a surprise to me that my $7-free-with-donation rosary was worth hundreds of dollars, then it was even a bigger surprise when the parish priest wrote back to me. “He’ll tell you to keep it,” my Patient Husband … Continue reading

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Bubbles, Bubbles

About two months ago, my children convinced me to get a Betta fish. I researched bettas, conducted a field trip to the fish store, came home to survey the house, and then began several trips back and forth to properly … Continue reading

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Jane gets herself into a hairy-hairy situation

I’ve treated you guys to rants when a business does something lousy, so here’s a time they did something nice and I was the scary customer. — After Kiddo4, my hair stopped growing. It’s never been amazing hair, but it … Continue reading

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Facebook and Heaven: an unlikely combo

On Saturday, blog reader Normandie Fischer finally convinced me to join Facebook. My Patient Husband had joined the week before, and finally I succumbed to the pressure. There were six friend requests awaiting me before I even got there. I … Continue reading

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Hive mind

Wednesday: The Hired Killer showed up while I was out, so Kiddo1 relates this story. Hired Killer: Yellowjackets? Kiddo1: {points} There. Hired Killer: Gotcha. He assembled the pole and sprayer again, but this time his assassination equipment was a good … Continue reading

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My Writing Process blog tour

Before I finish the yellowjacket saga, I’ve been tagged by Loriendil, blog-reader and fellow writer, for the “My Writing Process” blog tour. I think I’ve also been tagged by Normandie Fischer (whose Sailing out of Darkness just got listed as … Continue reading

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Scary things in the attic (more horrifying stuff)

When I told my father about the wasps in the wall, all dead an hour after the Hired Killer departed, he related his own story to me. A few years back, his family stayed at a hotel I shall not … Continue reading

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A third portion of scary things in the attic

So there I was, on the phone with the Hired Killer’s Hired Phone Operative, expecting her to send me someone with X-Ray vision in about five days, and instead she’d gone deadly serious. She didn’t need the guy with X-Ray … Continue reading

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More scary things in the attic

These things only happen when my Patient Husband isn’t around and I have to solve them myself. Because, you know, I’m arguably an adult who owns her own flashlight and her own baseball bat. And as it was, I also … Continue reading

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