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Those cunning matchmakers

Kiddo#4 has discovered “leftovers.” I’m not sure why, but we’ve had several variants of this conversation: Kiddo#4: Is there any leftovers? Me: Um, I think so. Yeah, here are some green beans. Kiddo#4: YAY! And then he sits down and … Continue reading

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My Happy Meal

I bought myself a Happy Meal. Tuesday. So let’s see: you guys know that Angelborough is ten miles away from everything. It’s ten miles from my kids’ pediatrician. Ten miles from Kiddo#1’s summer camp. Ah, but it’s fifteen miles from … Continue reading

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Would it be okay if we all got over ourselves now?

There is a billboard out on Main Street which declares, courtesy of the McDonalds corporation, that “Chocolate drizzle is a right, not a topping.” The picture is of some frothy coffee drink thing, and I admit, it looks nice. I’m … Continue reading

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All my future blog posts are in my camera. It’s the way I’ve operated lately: see something cool, take a picture, and think, “I’ll blog about that sometime.” I think I’ve got four sets of posts in the camera right … Continue reading

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the Sunday donut disaster

One of our family rituals is “Church Breakfast,” which means brunch on Sunday. It takes its name from when Kiddo#1 was three, and I was pregnant with Emily. After dealing with morning sickness for ten weeks, I noticed during Mass … Continue reading

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Overthinking: the politics of cookies

“I wanted you to like me, and I thought the best way to do that was with brilliant and insightful critique.”  This is what I said during the first session at my critique group. “But in order to do that, … Continue reading

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The Not-Getting-It Files

My Patient Husband woke me up this morning with, “In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, I made Irish Cream coffee.” Try wrapping your head around that while waking up. I had trouble. Now I have Irish friends who walk around … Continue reading

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My Patient Husband’s Oatmeal Scotchies

In an effort to save myself some effort, I’m posting our family’s recipe for oatmeal scotchies (oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips.) Whereas we make chocolate chip cookies using the recipe on the chocolate chip bag, the recipe on the butterscotch … Continue reading

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Sweet tea for a sweetie

I’ve discovered something going on in my own home, among my own children, which I’d never realized. A lesson that is shocking and which I certainly didn’t realize I was imparting to my children. Tea is what you drink when … Continue reading

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Kiddo#3 has a brilliant idea

“Do we have any raisins?” said Kiddo#3. Because I shop at BJs, we have some raisins. I think we have five pounds of raisins in a resealable bag, glowering at me from the back of the fridge. I have very … Continue reading

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