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Knitting geekery

“You’re going to love me,” said my friend. I should have replied, “I already love you,” but instead she meant she had a bag for me in her car. My friend’s mother, in the process of cleaning out her house, had … Continue reading

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Pretending To Farm

On Friday night I got a “final reminder” to attend a meeting I’d never heard about before, the orientation for our local CSA. In March, I pitched the idea to my Patient Husband, who asked, “What’s a CSA?” I said, … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Ken Rolph: “I wish I still had a typewriter.”

If you frequent the comment box, you’re familiar with Ken Rolph, our resident Australian (actually, he’s residing in Australia and we all gather wherever via the magic of the internet.)  He posted this to a forum we both belong to, … Continue reading

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Eggo Waffle, Your Holiness?

The first action of Pope Francis was to get all my laundry folded. I found out about the white smoke via Twitter and immediately searched up a live feed, then propped the computer on an inverted laundry basket and started … Continue reading

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If you mailed me a book…

…thank you. I have no idea who sent me a copy of “Candle In The Darkness” by Lynn Austin. I like Lynn Austin’s work. I’m following her on Goodreads. But her novel arrived in my house via third-party seller, and … Continue reading

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The iPhone enjoys a holiday

Just before midnight, the bedroom filled with a blue glow. My eyes were closed, but I recognized there was a sudden light, and I started awake to find the opposite side of the room shining. I sat up and leaned … Continue reading

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Call me Iron Woman

When I started doing Couch To 5K, I noticed I was in imminent danger of death. According to the all-knowing machines, which flashed a distressed purple for my heartrate and started dialing 9-1-1, I must be red-faced and dripping with … Continue reading

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