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“A special treat”

Monday morning, I staggered downstairs after my Patient Husband had gone to work and found Kiddos 1, 2 and 3 already awake. As I made breakfast, Kiddo#1 told me, “My plan worked!” Um…what plan? “I set my watch alarm for … Continue reading

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The dry-erase resignation letter

For starters, I do not recommend doing this. I do recommend looking at it, but I don’t recommend doing it. It’s highly unprofessional. It may burn your bridges forever. It may even be considered slander. But… But wow, was it … Continue reading

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how to help: Gulf Oil Disaster Charitable Aid

Here’s a list of some charitable organizations that are reaching out right now, in material ways, to those affected by the Gulf oil disaster. Please consider  helping out if possible, and of course prayers too for those who are right … Continue reading

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How to terraform Mars

Yesterday I mentioned weeding, and how my son thought it would take a decade to finish the job. Kiddo#1 (and Kiddo#4) are currently enamored with outer space, and so I’ve been paying attention to things like Mars and Jupiter a … Continue reading

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How to find a 4-leaf clover

Gary Corby (blog here, website about upcoming book here) asked me to blog this method of finding 4-leaf clovers, which works phenomenally well for Kiddo#1 (he found 80 of them the first summer he tried it) and marginally well for … Continue reading

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Rules for writing a rough draft

“Mom,” said Kiddo#1, “what are the rules for writing a rough draft?” He asked this, presumably, because he needs to write the rough draft of that horrible science fair project about which he’s already wound tighter than my violin’s E … Continue reading

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How to get your medical insurance to pay for a birth center birth

I’m reposting this with permission of Petra (who wrote it) from one of my online groups. I’ve got two reasons: one, it’s important information, and two, I’m still feeling under the weather and a guest-post is a good way to … Continue reading

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I’m a motivated mom!

One of the benefits of writing a weblog is that I control what window you have of my life. For example, you can’t see my  messy house. Nor am I brave enough to be like those who take photos and … Continue reading

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The tower of babble

“Are you an engineer?” he asked, interrupting his own train of thought. My neighborhood is in a tizzy: the Powers That Be in Angelborough held a secret town planning commission meeting and failed to take a vote, but recorded the … Continue reading

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A cruel blow

This comes up often enough that I have to blog about it: how do you get an object out of a child’s nose? The reason this keeps coming up is no one seems to know what to do when it … Continue reading

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