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Dignified conversation

Kiddo4 has always listened to everything, but it’s more obvious lately. Driving with the radio on a couple of weeks ago, I heard him say, “Mom? What’s ‘dignified’?” The word had just appeared in a song. How do you explain … Continue reading

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Point, score!

Kiddo#1 is at the end of the first term, and he says he’s getting a hundred in calculus. Awesome, right? He says, “I got a 92 on one of my tests, though, so I wasn’t sure.” I think there were … Continue reading

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In which a medical office earns my wrath, and I do something about it

Daughter needed to get maybe a handful of speech therapy sessions to correct a persistent lisp. Brought her to a nearby SLP place and had her evaluated. Noted at the time that it was the most unfriendly waiting room I … Continue reading

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Leaves and labyrinths

It’s that time of year when the world’s best toys fall from the sky. This is the time of year when no actual raking gets done, but if I hand two boys a pair of rakes, I receive in return … Continue reading

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Kiddo3 writes for a spell

As I type, I’m being interrupted every minute or so to spell a word. It started this morning when I set the breakfast table. “Who’s reading Howl’s Moving Castle?” Howl’s Moving Castle is an amazing book and I’ve read it … Continue reading

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In which I disappoint Kiddo #2

  Beatlemania continues unabated. We’ve now seen both the Help! and A Hard Day’s Night movies, and my Kiddos have large swaths of Beatles songs memorized. They argue about which songs they would give three, four or five stars, and … Continue reading

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Baby goats! And Heifer International!

Time to make good on my offer to donate $1 to for every copy of The Wrong Enemy preordered.  (And it’s also over at now! That makes me feel more official.) And…{drumroll}…they’re getting a goat! Heifer International tells … Continue reading

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angels and prayer

In honor of tomorrow’s feast of guardian angels, today I’m going to give you another one of my “this was an angel…maybe” stories. A month ago, I started thinking about how one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is … Continue reading

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Kiddo3 and a spinner

I’m not sure what to make of this. Kiddo#3 found Ninjago during our vacation, and he’s embraced it with a fervor. We still don’t have a TV, so after vacation, the Kiddos found episodes on YouTube and have managed to … Continue reading

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He wanted the water too.

I do things Kiddo4 doesn’t understand, but I never realize the disconnect until he says something. For example, while I made him juice one day, he said, “You have to put water under the juice.” I water down his juice … Continue reading

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