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You crocheted what?

Scene: The Judgment Seat of God God: Let’s talk about the morning of June 16th, 2014. Me: Um…okay… God: What did you crochet? Me: Oh. Oh, no. God: Well? Me: You’re not going to hold that against me! The kids … Continue reading

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A bunch of knitted fun

Pictures or it didn’t happen? Well, these things happened, and I hadn’t taken pictures. This is from the summer, only I never got around to photographing it. It’s called “Faberge” and it’s far more beautiful in person than you can … Continue reading


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God knits a pair of socks

Chapter One: She hadn’t spoken to me in over six months when I contacted her about something. Two days later she replied, “I’m sorry for the delay, but we had to make some end-of-life-care decisions about my father.” Flashback Prologue, … Continue reading

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I lost my mind. But you knew that.

Every so often, I lose my mind. I mean, enough that even I notice what I’ve done. Enter yesterday. I still can’t remember how I ended up looking at TARDIS hats on Ravelry, but looking at them, I thought, “These … Continue reading

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Seven ways to get me to knit for you again

7) Wear holes in the thing I knitted for you. 6) Wear the thing I knitted into a public place and announce to everyone who made it. (This is better if I’m nowhere near when it happens. Or I might … Continue reading

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Amazing and a little weird.

Something weird has happened. (Weirder than usual, I mean.) I started noticing it after my violin instructor fell in love with her pumpkin hat. She said her friends loved the hat and glove set as well, and a friend of … Continue reading

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Seven quick-takes

I haven’t been around, what with the beginning of the school year, so I’ll just give a few updates and maybe begin blogging again. 1) I actually ran a 5K race! And by “race” I mean “I started and completed … Continue reading

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How to just barely survive in two easy steps

I have no exciting updates on my yarn package. It arrived in a timely fashion with the two items I’d ordered, and a receipt saying I’d paid for both. Apparently they have some kind of inventory situation where each item … Continue reading

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Knitting geekery

“You’re going to love me,” said my friend. I should have replied, “I already love you,” but instead she meant she had a bag for me in her car. My friend’s mother, in the process of cleaning out her house, had … Continue reading

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Breaking the yarn

Two weeks ago, a friend showed me a shawl she knit for a woman with breast cancer, and I said, “Philangelus, you idiot…” because I too know a woman with breast cancer. And suddenly I needed to knit her a … Continue reading

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