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help me define “a knitter”

It’s easy to get into an “am not!”/”are so!” fight about things that don’t actually matter, and being a knitter is one of those. In my heart, I’m not a knitter, and this despite the evidence to the contrary. That … Continue reading

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Things I have learned

1) If you are lace-knitting in the dark, using burgundy yarn, while trying to read a chart, you’re going to have a bad time. 2) It takes thirty seconds to rip out half an hour of semi-distracted knitting. 3) If … Continue reading

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The red bird of angriness

Since I posted the first one, here’s the second. Please note that I don’t intend for there to be a third, and there is no way I would ever make these to sell. He came out really cute-looking, I think. … Continue reading

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The things we do for love

Somehow I end up being somewhat voluntold to knit a Blue Bird Of Angriness for my kiddos. Have you stopped laughing at my plight  yet? (The godmother of one of the Kiddos laughed out loud and then choked it back … Continue reading

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O those tricky archangels…

Back in May I decided to try Malabrigo’s Silky Merino, and when I had to pick a color, I noticed one of the colors was called Archangel. How could I resist? I bought two skeins and figured eventually the right … Continue reading

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“And that’s when it turned around.”

Check it out: It’s “Ela’s Favorite Hat” from the book One-Skein Wonders, done in Noro Silk Garden. I didn’t choose the color bands; Silk Garden is self-striping yarn, and it comes in all these crazy colors. This one is for … Continue reading

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Oops — two more knitted objects

Of course the knitting backlog was so great, I forgot two of them. 😦 First we have a scarf I started two weeks before Easter as a prayer for someone who was having a difficult time. This went into the … Continue reading

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a thousand knit objects

The socks I mentioned a while back are still “on the needles” but I did finish the first sock before the color repeat. I know you’ve been losing sleep over that. I haven’t been posting pictures of the things I … Continue reading

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Socks and trust

It’s been a while since I successfully knitted a sock, so when I saw there was a sock version of Noro Silk Garden, I ordered one and camped out beside my mailbox until it arrived, then carried it around like … Continue reading

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How to ruin your knitting the right way

Interesting discovery: in the past few months, I’ve made two projects that deliberately incorporated ruining your knitting. You may remember the waterfall scarf: That lacy pattern down the center is formed by creating a run in the knitting. If you’ve … Continue reading

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