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Mama said, Mama sang

If you’ve been hearing “All About That Bass” lately, (and honestly, who hasn’t? I even heard it on W-Old-Phartz) then you know that Mama told Meaghan Trainor not to worry about her size. Then I heard the song, “You Can’t … Continue reading

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In which I disappoint Kiddo #2

  Beatlemania continues unabated. We’ve now seen both the Help! and A Hard Day’s Night movies, and my Kiddos have large swaths of Beatles songs memorized. They argue about which songs they would give three, four or five stars, and … Continue reading

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All These Things That I Have Learned

My Patient Husband and I were compiling all the rules we’ve picked up from music. Don’t pay the ferryman. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t answer me (I guess that’s if you break Rule 2 and talk to strangers.) Don’t let … Continue reading

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Kiddo#3 discovers the Beatles

“Mom, have you ever heard of a band called The Beatles?” That was Kiddo#3, nine years old, while I was driving. I had a momentary disconnect, because at his age, I’m certain I had their entire discography memorized (well, the … Continue reading

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And you thought you hated those Christmas songs…

Yesterday, I was involved in creating Christmas music that made you reach for the ear-sporks. My Patient Husband and daughter decided to get out their respective cello and violin, and using a book of Christmas carols that came from when … Continue reading

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Which Christmas song do you hate the most?

The kids have begun bugging me because I change the channel whenever a Christmas song comes on. They think I hate Christmas music, and I don’t. I just don’t like it too soon. There are now two radio stations I … Continue reading

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Reading minds through music

A friend asked me to pray for Saint Anthony to help find a missing iPod. “We were supposed to have a dance party at my brownie troop meeting,” she said, “a nice easy meeting, but we’re screwed if I can’t … Continue reading

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