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Food riots

On Saturday, the EBT cards for the SNAP program (what most of us still think of as “food stamps,” I believe) went down for about 22 minutes. At first people thought it was part of the government shutdown (and even … Continue reading

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A nation of haters

I think I’ve made it clear in the past that I despise both major political parties in the US and wish I could vote with a “none of the above” option, which if a certain percentage of voters chose, would … Continue reading

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Scenic high-tension power lines

In one of the neighboring towns I found placards lining the road, begging us to spare their scenic neighborhood from the _______ Power Plant. Curious, I googled it to discover someone wanted to take some unused farm acreage and fill … Continue reading

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The preamble to law

Kiddo#2 has me singing the preamble to the US Constitution (ala Schoolhouse Rock) because she has to memorize it for school. This morning I was biking into the next town while trying the “sing test” and concluded that I can … Continue reading

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Psst? Third party? It’s time.

Go ahead, faithful readers. Tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. But it’s my opinion (and opinions are like belly-buttons, everybody has one) that 2012 is the perfect time for a third party to come turn the nation … Continue reading

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Overthinking the weekend joke

I always look forward to the Happy Catholic weekend joke, and this weekend’s was funny enough for me to read it out loud to my Patient Husband. I hope Julie doesn’t mind if I crib it from her post (which … Continue reading

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At risk of getting flamed on my own blog, which is always fun, I’m not “overjoyed” or celebrating the death of Osama bin Laden. You’ll note I’m not saying he didn’t deserve to die, or we shouldn’t have killed him. … Continue reading

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faceless cash-generating machines

As a rule I don’t pay attention to company logos. Madison Avenue will say they’re more powerful that way because they work their way into your unconscious by use of symbols you don’t really pay attention to. And that’s why … Continue reading

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My election plea: give me someone to vote for

My Patient Husband asked me, “Have you heard a reason to vote for any of the candidates?” I said, “No. But I’ve heard plenty of reasons not to vote for any of them.” Case in point: I received two slick … Continue reading

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Oil, water, blood, words

I’ve been following the Gulf oil disaster story, and I’m increasingly more horrified by what we’ve done to our world. It’s looking now as if we’re going to be facing the worst case scenario, and that due to damage to … Continue reading

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