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An update on that fabulous rosary

If it was a surprise to me that my $7-free-with-donation rosary was worth hundreds of dollars, then it was even a bigger surprise when the parish priest wrote back to me. “He’ll tell you to keep it,” my Patient Husband … Continue reading

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Hey, look what I found!

I sold books at my parish craft fair this weekend, which is kind of exciting but not the most exciting thing. You see, when you sell at a craft fair, you’re there before they open, and you can browse. This … Continue reading

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Book Review: Seven Saints For Seven Virtues

Most people have heard of the “seven deadly sins” and may even be able to name them, but fewer have heard of the seven cardinal virtues: charity, chastity, diligence,  humility, kindness, patience and temperance. Jean Heimann’s book “Seven Saints for … Continue reading

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He had a bad day

A guest priest says daily Mass on Mondays, and the Monday before last he shared sad news that three nuns he knew from a nearby city had died in Burundi. Yesterday, he was back, and he mentioned it again during the … Continue reading

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All of me

Last night I was praying about someone very brave. I’m not going to identify her because she wouldn’t want to be identified, but in a situation where someone else needed help, she risked getting hurt in order to help that other … Continue reading

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God knits a pair of socks

Chapter One: She hadn’t spoken to me in over six months when I contacted her about something. Two days later she replied, “I’m sorry for the delay, but we had to make some end-of-life-care decisions about my father.” Flashback Prologue, … Continue reading

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My favorite Ash Wednesday blessing EVER. Really.

There’s a bumper sticker that always makes me laugh. It says, “Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you’re a jerk.” (I’m toning down the last word because, well, family-type blog. But beware there will be….a rude word ahead.) {ominous fanfare} … Continue reading

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Getting out of the way

It took me twelve years to forgive someone who ought to have known better. This was someone in authority who, when notified of the wrongful actions of someone under his chain of command, turned on me instead. I was the … Continue reading

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You’re in Paradise. Take the Advil.

Just yesterday, someone was telling me about a trip she’d taken with her elderly mother. It sounded like a fantastic trip, the kind you take once in a lifetime — and given her mother’s age, that’s likely to be the … Continue reading

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Eggo Waffle, Your Holiness?

The first action of Pope Francis was to get all my laundry folded. I found out about the white smoke via Twitter and immediately searched up a live feed, then propped the computer on an inverted laundry basket and started … Continue reading

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