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Lent is a superb time to get fed up with yourself. I’m a writer who’s got a novel-in-progress since, oh, forever. I blogged about it, and everyone liked the idea. I told my agent about it, and eventually she admitted … Continue reading

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Ash Wednesday’s schedule fun

Ash Wednesday is not an HDO, but we like to go to Mass anyhow. Typically my Patient Husband takes the school-bound Kiddos to the 6:45AM Mass and then I go at 9 after dropping off Kiddo4. This year, the new … Continue reading

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In which my cynicism astounds even me

Yesterday I followed a Twitter link to a survey about the rosary. It began normally enough (age, gender) and then started asking whether I’d ever used a rosary aide. The only “rosary aides” I own are rosaries (about eleven or … Continue reading

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Breaking the yarn

Two weeks ago, a friend showed me a shawl she knit for a woman with breast cancer, and I said, “Philangelus, you idiot…” because I too know a woman with breast cancer. And suddenly I needed to knit her a … Continue reading

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Pizza and sainthood

On Sunday I ended up at a bowling birthday party, the kind where thirty four-year-olds produce a slow-motion physics video of a bowling ball in realtime. After the bowling they had pizza and cake, and the attending parents were offered … Continue reading

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The good you see before you

I was listening to a youtube video today while knitting a shawl (a shawl that fills me with panic again on every row, because it’s only getting larger. It started by casting on eleven stitches, but it’s well over three … Continue reading

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I wouldn’t have gone back either

I have a question: Did Jesus like people to follow the rules? Jesus said that not one jot of the law would pass away, and he certainly followed the rules himself (see the bit about paying the Temple tax) but … Continue reading

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Putting the capital “I” in “irony”

I read an honest-to-goodness “life changing” article when I was a kid, and it came back this week like the Ghost Of News Articles Past. I’m pretty sure the article came from Catholic Digest: a woman writing about how her … Continue reading

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The perfect parent

Back when I had Kiddo1, my mother told me not to try being a perfect mother, but instead to be a good-enough mother. Since there are no perfect mothers, you’d pretty much kill yourself trying to live up to the … Continue reading

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angels and prayer

In honor of tomorrow’s feast of guardian angels, today I’m going to give you another one of my “this was an angel…maybe” stories. A month ago, I started thinking about how one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is … Continue reading

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