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Reminder! The blog has moved.

Just a reminder that the blog has moved to If you want to keep seeing posts from me, you can either click the subscribe button on any of the posts there or you can use the RSS feed. If … Continue reading

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We’re moving!!! Come with me!

I’m moving my blog over to my actual website, that way I can do whatever I want with my own pages. Come visit me here: I’ve already got one post up there (and I’ve moved all the rest of … Continue reading

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Funerals and laughter

I attended Uncle Mayhem‘s funeral about three weeks ago. At my aunt’s house before we went to the church, I’d been there about ten minutes before I noticed Kiddo1 looking shocked. I pulled him aside and said, “This is how Italian … Continue reading

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That rosary?

It’s home. It’s been identified, and it’s with its proper owner. As it turns out, that rosary took a path it never should have taken to that donation table, but now it’s home and it’s being properly appreciated by the … Continue reading

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Goodreads Giveaway for Arrow

Just a quick post: I’ve listed a giveaway for a print copy of An Arrow In Flight over at Goodreads. If you’ve got a GR account, go ahead and enter! Good luck.

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“Hey, kids, this is how you break the law.”

One of those times I wished I had a camera: at a playground yesterday, one of the posted rules was “No running.” No running. On a playground. They’d nestled the rule in with a whole lot of other sensible rules … Continue reading

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Dear God: I am a flake. I understand that, and I’m sorry, and I’m trying to fix it. Sometimes it’s hard to answer all the emails I have to. Sometimes I just freeze up and can’t deal with people, and … Continue reading

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Fine, fine, fine, here it is.

You people, seriously.

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Revenge Yarn, warm and wooly

Dear Local Yarn Store, You may or may not remember me. My husband came into your store a week before Mother’s Day to buy me a gift. You probably don’t remember him either, but on gift-giving occasions he goes to … Continue reading

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My favorite Ash Wednesday blessing EVER. Really.

There’s a bumper sticker that always makes me laugh. It says, “Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you’re a jerk.” (I’m toning down the last word because, well, family-type blog. But beware there will be….a rude word ahead.) {ominous fanfare} … Continue reading

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