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My Writing Process blog tour

Before I finish the yellowjacket saga, I’ve been tagged by Loriendil, blog-reader and fellow writer, for the “My Writing Process” blog tour. I think I’ve also been tagged by Normandie Fischer (whose Sailing out of Darkness just got listed as … Continue reading

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Life imitates art imitates life

Late year, while fixing a toilet, I got an idea for the final scene of Honest And For True. Two scenes, actually, because in order to have the main character fixing a toilet in the final scene, I should have … Continue reading

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I’ll take “things that are not food” for $200, Hal.

“It’s been a while since I showed up on the blog,” I say to Hal, my amazing gourmet-chef boyfriend from the novel we both appear in, Honest And For True. “In fact, I don’t think you ever have.” Hal appears … Continue reading

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Guest blogging

Hi! I’ve been invited to guest-blog over at the QueryTracker blog, so every so often I may redirect my writing-related posts over to there. In fact, I’ll direct you over there today for my first guest-blog entry. (Forgive me, but … Continue reading

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The book diet continues

On Sunday night I finished the first pass of my “Book Diet.” If you recall, my agent asked me to reduce the word count on Honest And For True by between thirteen to eighteen thousand words for marketing purposes, and … Continue reading

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Three exciting writing updates!

After this post, I think I’m allowed to call myself a writer for real, rather than just someone who pretends to write. What do you think? 1) Always open your junk mail. I got a letter from Liguorian, which I … Continue reading

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Reporting back from the FictionFest

I ended up at a the Connecticut FictionFest this weekend despite myself. I wanted to go last year but couldn’t because it conflicted with Kiddo#2’s First Holy Communion (I joked at first “I’ll miss you, honey!”) and this year I … Continue reading

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New novel? What new novel?

Bucky: Do you think they remember us? Lee: No one could possibly forget us. For one thing, we have our own cool logo, and no one else who posts on this blog has a logo. Bucky: Well, in case they … Continue reading

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The anatomy of a novel

I’m in process with revisions to Honest And For True, the novel about the mechanic who can see her guardian angel. If you’ve hung around here for a while, you remember how much fun that novel is. Since then, I’ve … Continue reading

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podcasting a novel?

A couple of people have floated the idea that I should podcast one of my novels. Read it aloud, post a chapter a week, and see what happens. Now, for starters, that scares the living daylights out of me. I … Continue reading

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