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In which my cynicism astounds even me

Yesterday I followed a Twitter link to a survey about the rosary. It began normally enough (age, gender) and then started asking whether I’d ever used a rosary aide. The only “rosary aides” I own are rosaries (about eleven or … Continue reading

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Would it be okay if we all got over ourselves now?

There is a billboard out on Main Street which declares, courtesy of the McDonalds corporation, that “Chocolate drizzle is a right, not a topping.” The picture is of some frothy coffee drink thing, and I admit, it looks nice. I’m … Continue reading

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My nose loves me!

Dear Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the proud makers of Kleenex: Imagine my confusion when reading on the bottom of my Kleenex box the following: ‘Your nose knows you care for it. After all, you use Kleenex tissue!’ Perplexed, I went to the … Continue reading

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Who thought up this ad campaign?

Would someone smarter than me mind explaining why my toilet bowl cleaner proudly proclaims across the label “Kills the flu virus!”? Is this the number one concern (er, no pun intended) of every American, that they’re going to catch the … Continue reading

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