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Lost meals and memories

Now that Hostess is out of business, Weird Al can no longer eat his Twinkie-Weiner Sandwiches. I have purchased exactly four (4) Twinkies in the past twenty years (all of them for the Kiddos) and I’ve purchased an equal number … Continue reading

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This is so bizarre I need to blog about it right now, even though I had another post I wanted to write. I just got home from BJs about fifteen minutes ago. When I went around back to unload the … Continue reading

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tragedy of the day for Monday

Generic Rice Crispies don’t sing. Do you think the lawyers got involved? “Some kid might get hurt if a Rice Crispie snaps, crackles or pops too violently. Parents would sue. Do something about this.” And yet another fun part of … Continue reading

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A feast day for angels

Today is the feast day of the “synaxis of the angels” in the Orthodox church. We are not Orthodox. And… I’m going to celebrate it anyhow. Report me to the religious authorities if you must, but I’m unrepentant. According to … Continue reading

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