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A bunch of knitted fun

Pictures or it didn’t happen? Well, these things happened, and I hadn’t taken pictures. This is from the summer, only I never got around to photographing it. It’s called “Faberge” and it’s far more beautiful in person than you can … Continue reading

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Seven ways to get me to knit for you again

7) Wear holes in the thing I knitted for you. 6) Wear the thing I knitted into a public place and announce to everyone who made it. (This is better if I’m nowhere near when it happens. Or I might … Continue reading

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Step One: Order beautiful yarn from an online seller. Use generous gift card from Sister-in-law. Step Two: Because beautiful yarn plus shipping totals to twenty-six cents less than the gift card amount, select a cheap item to add to the … Continue reading

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Breaking the yarn

Two weeks ago, a friend showed me a shawl she knit for a woman with breast cancer, and I said, “Philangelus, you idiot…” because I too know a woman with breast cancer. And suddenly I needed to knit her a … Continue reading

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help me define “a knitter”

It’s easy to get into an “am not!”/”are so!” fight about things that don’t actually matter, and being a knitter is one of those. In my heart, I’m not a knitter, and this despite the evidence to the contrary. That … Continue reading

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O those tricky archangels…

Back in May I decided to try Malabrigo’s Silky Merino, and when I had to pick a color, I noticed one of the colors was called Archangel. How could I resist? I bought two skeins and figured eventually the right … Continue reading

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