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Standing out (or is it, “out standing in its field”)

I actually stopped on my bike ride and did a U-turn to get this photo. In between us we have a rock wall and a horse pasture, but there is is, one lone tree changed so much that it stands … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Catholic Mother’s Companion To Pregnancy

Full Disclosure: I received my review copy in ebook form from NetGalley, and it’s now expired, so I in no way benefitted from this review. I requested this book not because I’m pregnant (I’m not) but because I contributed a … Continue reading

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Deep Theological Question #7: are there caterpillars in Heaven?

For Deep Theological Question number seven, I ask this: are there caterpillars in Heaven? We’ve previously established that it’s in conformity with Judeo-Christian thinking to believe there are animals in Heaven. We see horses in Revelation, and Ivy told us … Continue reading

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