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One scary thing every day

About six months ago, I said I’d never want to own my own business. Three months ago, while researching what it took to self-publish my books, I realized I’d need to do exactly that. All the experts on self-publishing encourage … Continue reading

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Lent is a superb time to get fed up with yourself. I’m a writer who’s got a novel-in-progress since, oh, forever. I blogged about it, and everyone liked the idea. I told my agent about it, and eventually she admitted … Continue reading

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Writing The Next Big Thing

I got tagged by Ash Krafton, fellow blogger over at QueryTracker.net, for The Next Big Thing meme. The object of the meme is to pretend I am the next big thing….and I’m being interviewed by Rosemary DiBattista. JANE LEBAK: THE NEXT … Continue reading

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Baby goats! And Heifer International!

Time to make good on my offer to donate $1 to Heifer.org for every copy of The Wrong Enemy preordered.  (And it’s also over at Amazon.com now! That makes me feel more official.) And…{drumroll}…they’re getting a goat! Heifer International tells … Continue reading

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Happy book birthday to The Wrong Enemy!

  Happy publication day! The Wrong Enemy is now “live” and for sale (still at 20% off) over at MuseItUp Publishing. In the next few days it should appear at Amazon.com, and eventually at B&N, Kobo and your other friendly … Continue reading

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Like a opening of a horror novel!

This happened about three minutes ago. I was on the couch when I heard the garage door opening beneath me. One Kiddo is out at her friend’s house; she’s not due back yet, so I figured it can’t be her. … Continue reading

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Tabris excerpt! And the novel’s new title!

This month on the MuseItUp blog is “excerpt month,” and closing it out is my upcoming re-release of The Guardian, which now has a new title (and all new text, and will be published under my legal name…someone please tell … Continue reading

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“Burntime,” beginnings and endings

I’m delighted to announce that my short story “Burntime” has been published in the Jet Fuel Review. There’s a story behind the story, of course, and because this is my blog, I get to tell it. Back in 2006, I … Continue reading

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