Book Review: Seven Saints For Seven Virtues

Most people have heard of the “seven deadly sins” and may even be able to name
Seven Saints for Seven Virtues bestthem, but fewer have heard of the seven cardinal virtues: charity, chastity, diligence,  humility, kindness, patience and temperance. Jean Heimann’s book “Seven Saints for Seven Virtues” (here at Seven Angels) spends time dwelling on the importance of each of these virtues and then giving examples of them from the lives of the saints.

Each virtue gets a similar treatment: a thorough description of the virtue and how it helps in one’s spiritual life, followed by the life of a saint who embodied that virtue. In some cases, you’ll be relieved to note, the saint had to work pretty hard to achieve that virtue. Next comes a depiction of a modern individual who exemplifies that virtue, not necessarily a saint. Heimann’s examples include an Olympic skiier and her parents in order to show how ordinary individuals can express these virtues in daily life.

Following that are practical tips for practicing the virtue and a prayer for receiving the gift of that virtue.

I found the book to be accessible and drawn in broad strokes. You will not need a Master’s of Divinity to understand the text, and Heimann never gets into such depth that you feel overwhelmed. The book is fairly short but gives plenty of material for you to dwell on in more depth over time. Jean_Heimann

Heimann’s Seven Saints For Seven Virtues would work well with someone who wants to learn more about her faith without feeling overwhelmed, or for someone who is just beginning her faith journey. Confirmation candidates may find the discussions fruitful as they pertain to the virtues as gifts of the Holy Spirit, plus they can get to know seven saints while choosing their Confirmation names. This book also gives a good introduction to why and how Catholics relate to saints as models of the Christian life.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I have received no other compensation from either the author or the publisher. You can buy it onAmazon or read more reviews on Goodreads. Jean Heimann’s blog, CatholicFire, has links to all the other stops in her book’s blog tour. Enjoy!

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The Impulse Tithe

Remember how I’m supposed to do one Scary Thing every day? I’ve found my Scary Thing scary enough for the entire month of November: I’ll be selling my books at the church craft fair.

I’m coping with my terror by planning, and I decided to make some bookmarks through Vistaprint. While on the site, I remembered their free business card deal, and I got some of those too — except not for me. They’re for the parish’s knitting/crocheting ministry, for us to tag the items we knit. I made them say something sappy (and true) like “Hand crafted with love” and overall, they look really nice. There’s only fifty, so we’ll run out soon, but that’s fifty tags I don’t have to write by hand in my lovely chicken scrawl.

I checked out. Because the business cards were free and the bookmarks were not, I used my publishing paypal account (promotion is a business expense). Sounds good, right?

After checkout, Vistaprint said, “Wait! You’ve been chosen for an awesome promotion! For $3, you can get another 200 business cards!”

Great deal! I clicked on the button to add those to my order, and I walked away happy.

And then I thought — uh-oh. That’s not a business expense. The horrors!

I actually had to give this some consideration, but finally I decided it could be some kind of business donation to the knitting ministry. (Cue me laughing atmyself. “Can I now say ‘Philangeus Press: Proud Sponsor Of The Angelborough Knit-Crochet Group!'”)

My Patient Husband said, “It could be a tithe.”

And I laughed because technically none of my accounts have paid me yet for any of the book sales. “Hey, God,” I called, “I’m ahead of you on tithing — you owe me thirty bucks!”

Lots of laughter. I’m sure it doesn’t work that way, but I hope God at least got a smile.

Oh, by the way, the Goodreads giveaway for Seven Archangels: Annihilation was so successful that I listed one for a print copy of The Wrong Enemy as well. If you’re a GR member, give it a shot! Good luck. :-)

The Wrong Enemy 333x500


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A little random correspondence

Dear Son,

You wonder aloud why Mom never drops everything to immediately assist you in finding whatever it is you suddenly realize you’ve lost. Here’s exhibit A.

Kiddo: MOM! I need you to help me find socks!
Me: I’m getting dressed. I’ll help you when I’m done.
Kiddo: But I need socks and all the ones in my drawer are either single socks or have holes or are too small!
Me: I’ll be out in a minute.
Kiddo: Oh, never mind, I found a pair.

I’m either lazy or teaching you self-reliance, but it works for me.


Dear Laughably Huge Spider:

You are a delicately-constructed creature of God, created with tender care and brilliantly formulated to accomplish your goals of feeding yourself and producing more of your own kind. I stand in awe of your most amazing qualities, but when you take up residence in a place where I can’t easily capture you, and that place happens to be inside the toilet, you make it too easy for me to be rid of you. Sorry.


No love,
The Resident Spider-Catcher

Dear Jane,

You have three pairs of beautiful, warm, wooly socks that are just perfect for the upcoming winter months. Yet you cannot wear them, and why? Because you haven’t woven in the ends. It will take five minutes per pair. Do. It. And then weave in the ends on that shawl and block it.


Your chillier self



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Seven Archangels: Annihilation book giveaway

Seven Archangels-Annihilation 333x500

I’ve got a giveaway going on over at Goodreads for two copies of Seven Archangels: Annihilation. If you’ve got a GR account, entering is as simple as clicking the button and verifying your address.

Good luck!

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Abandoned River, Dry Water

My short story is also in print in the first issue of Sci Phi Journal. In the same issue is a novelette by John C Wright. (Cue my fangirl screams. John. C. Wright. I’m beyond delighted.)

Cover_Issue1Sci Phi Journal is a combination of  science fiction short stories and philosophical articles. My story is Abandoned River, Dry Water, and here’s the opening.

            She shifted a purple-leafed frond to reach the stream, but instead she found an arm.

Sandra scrambled backward, her water-sampling equipment clattering against the rocks. Heart racing, she stared at the plants that had snapped back into place, as if hiding a secret. Maybe it was an illusion, an unfortunate arrangement of sun-bleached sticks that resembled something familiar in an otherwise unfamiliar world. Right? After all, this was Carinae 3, a planet being explored for human habitation for the first time. After weeks of seeing nothing familiar, Sandra told herself, it was only normal – only normal – for her brain to crave anything that made her feel at home. Even if it was something horrible, like a skeletal arm.

She inched forward. With her probe, she moved the frond again, and she waited for the optical illusion to clear.

Except it didn’t. Wedged between two rocks was a bleached tibia, and stretching forward were a scaphoid, carpals, metacarpals, phalanges.

Bones as human as her own, on this uncolonized world.

And worse, with a spike driven right through the wrist.

You can read the rest at Sci Phi Journal. Enjoy!

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Michaelmas — and books!

You guys. You guys! Look at this!

IMG_2819Print books! We are in print. We are back in print. We are good to go.

(Oh, and that guy in the middle? Probaby would encourage you to buy the books. I’d do it. He’s holding lightning in his hand, after all.)

Seven Archangels: Annihilation is now back in print in book format and as a Kindle book for the first time.

All the angels have known since their creation that they’re eternal, but now Satan has figured out how to destroy an eternal soul. He starts with Gabriel.

If you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, you can download it for free, and it’s also available through the Kindle Lending Library. If you can get it for free — go for it. Seriously, that’s why they have that program. If you’re a print-only kind of reader (which is cool) there’s finally a print version again, and I’ve managed to price it cheaper than it was the first time (plus there are some Amazon sellers who seem to have it discounted. All the information hasn’t trickled yet through the system, so it doesn’t have its cover yet.)

The Kindle edition is here. The print version is here. For those who want both, if you buy the print edition first, Amazon will let you buy the Kindle edition at less than half price through their Matchbook program.

Also…in print for the first time, we have The Wrong Enemy.

No one knows why Tabris a guardian angel, killed the child he vowed to protect

I’m so excited about this. I love holding this one in my hand and just paging through it. Tabris. Rachmiel. Sebastian. Elizabeth. It’s like my heart in front of me.

I set both books to go live today because it’s the Feast of the Archangels, Saint Michael, Saint Raphael, and Saint Gabriel. I’m sure the real guys aren’t like their counterparts in my stories, but I did my best to capture the fire and the amazingness of angels. Please enjoy the stories.

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Making up ground

I went “running” for the first time since early May. It’s not my fault I stopped running, and I offer no apologies to myself or to the Fitness Judges, who should understand that parental duties and a child in need had to take priority over sneakers and an iPod.

Remember, though, that last September I was able to run my first 5K. I think this time I made it about .4K before I had to take my first walking break. My only consolation is that this time my muscles hurt before I ran out of breath (and yes, I’m using the inhaler. But I was still gasping.)

Basically, you can work for eighteen months at running, and then in three months you can be forced back to square zero. Well, I can. That’s my takeaway.

I know John Bingham writes that running requires not only courage to start, but also courage to start over. And to be honest, I’m not really starting at square zero because this time, I’m starting out with a good pair of sneakers (so I won’t injure myself right out of the gate) and the running wardrobe/equpiment I can reasonably expect to need.

Also, I know I can do it. Eventually.

That’s not much help now, though, when most of my “runs” are “walks,” and I miss the ground I lost.

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